Technology Photoacoustic Infraed Spectroscopy with Canteliver Enhanced Optical Microphone and Electrically Pulsed IR Source
Gas Cell Gold Coasted, Stabilized to 50℃
Total Gas Volume 30ml
Detection Limit Gas Dependent, Typically in the Sub-ppm Region
Minimum Detectable Pressure Variation in the Sample Cell 5.7x10-7Pa/vHz(RMS)
Response Time Dependent on the Application and User Definable Sample Integration Time, Typically from 30 Seconds to Few Minutes.
Alarms Concentration Alarms Resulting in Audible and/or Visual Effect.
Calibration Single-point with Downloadable Precalibration Files, Guided Calibration Process
Operating Temperature 0℃+to 45
Installation 19” rack, 3U case
Power Universal 100-240VAC, 50~60Hz
Power Consumption 90W max
Display TFT 5.7’, VGA
Dimensions 48.4cm x H: 13.9cm x D: 40.5cm
Weight 15kg

Greenhouse gas monitoring
Industrial safety and hygiene
Ventilation masurement
Indoor air quality
Leak detection